History 01

The Spize brand started out in 1997 with Spize Café located at Shaw Towers along Beach Road. The corporate image of Spize Café which is still very prominent in our current outlets consisted of a contemporary interior with earth-toned walls painted in brown and orange and lined with traditional Balinese paintings and artwork. The late 90’s saw the evolution of the coffee culture in Singapore with Starbucks & Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf entering the Singapore food scene.

History 02

Riding on the euphoria of the coffee culture trend, Spize Café offered a selection of freshly brewed coffee, featuring coffee beans from Italy and South America. The menu also included an eclectic variety of toasted whole meal sandwiches ranging for the traditional Croque Monsieur to the more exotic Grilled Teriyaki Chicken. The menu eventually grew to include Soups, Salads, Pastas & Homemade Pizzas.

History 05

History 03

While business was booming, the space constraints of the location Shaw Towers forced us to make a difficult but rewarding decision to expand our operations. In 1999, Spize Bistro at KeyPoint Building was born. With our expanded kitchen and dining area we were able to kick start an entire new menu that featured our popular Chilli Lime Chicken, Bistro Beef Burgers, Chicken Alfredo and the Cajun Chicken Cacciatore. The Bistro was immensely successful, catering to the busy lunch crowds from the Business District.

History 04

In 2001, we started the Pondok Selera brand with the first outlet in Simpang Bedok. The focus of the menu at Pondok Selera was the “Roti John” which not only revolutionized the very idea of what “Roti John” was but also what it could become. Grilled chicken Shawarma was incorporated into the “Roti John” together with melted cheese, black pepper and a sweet-spicy chilli sauce. The result was our award winning “Roti John” which was giving the “Anugerah Daun Pisang Emas” by Selamat Pagi Singapura, the daytime variety show on MediaCorp’s Suria channel.

With the success of Pondok Selera and the Spize brand, we chanced upon an opportunity to take over the current location of Spize-The Makan Place located at 409 River Valley Road. In August 2003, Spize –The Makan Place was officially open. It was an instant hit and became an ideal place for both clubbers and hungry night owls. The initial menu at Spize- The Makan Place which was meant to supplement our Award Winning “Roti John” consisted of the traditional fare of Roti Prata, Nasi Goreng Pattaya, Tom Yum Soup and Mee Goreng.

Our creative juices never stopped flowing and we were constantly improving the quality and variety of our menu at Spize. We were always pushing the limits by trying to cater the sophisticated Halal consumers.

In 2005, we expanded on the Spize brand to include Spize Mediterranean Grill, currently located at 338 Bedok Road, Bedok Shopping Complex. Spize The Mediterranean Grill was an incredible success and was featured in several publications, including Berita Harian. The menu at the Grill was a combination of
Italian and Middle Eastern flavours, with favourites like the Seafood Aglio Olio, Foul Mesdames, Grilled Fish Lemon Caper and the Bullet Steak.

In 2006 we revamped the menu of Spize –The Makan Place and developed Spize The Supper Club at 336 Bedok Road. The Supper Club was a unique combination of Indonesian, Thai, Malaysian and Chinese specialty dishes. We created unique dishes like our Nasi Goreng Ayam Kunyit and developed a new twist on old
favourites like the Nasi Goreng Kampong and the Mee Goreng Pattaya. We also introduced an entire new seafood menu that was both unique and contemporary in both flavour and presentation. Our Crispy Baby Squid, Deep Fried Garoupa Tiga Rasa and our Ikan Bakar became instant favourites.

2007 saw us consolidated our operations as we had received feedback on the inconsistency of the food served at Spize The Makan Place and Spize The Supper Club. We expanded the menu at River Valley to include more items from the Mediterranean Grill to cater to the huge demand as well as fine tune our recipes for all our Asian dishes.

2010 will see us experimenting with new flavours with our new menu scheduled to be released in the 1st of January 2010. The journey that we have had with the Spize brand is both an emotional and rewarding adventure that has allowed us to build bonds and relationships with so many of our loyal supporters. We sincerely look forward to many more years of being given the opportunity to take you on our Spize adventure.