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Island Wide Delivery Now Available!

We understand that all you might want to do over the weekend is laze at the comfort of your home with your loved ones. But fret not! We now deliver to selected places around the island! So pick up that phone and give us a ring.

We deliver till the wee-hours of any given day! Freshness is guaranteed…





Terms & Conditions

  1. The minimum order is $25 or $40 (excluding taxes & delivery charges) depending on location.
  1. Delivery charges range from $6.00 to $15.00 depending on location.
  1. Online Customers can register and login to obtain the minimum order and delivery charges on their location.
  1. Delivery time typically ranges from 60 to 90 mins depending on call volume and location. Customers are advised to call the outlets in the event the delivery time exceeds this.
  1. We currently only accept Cash payments.
  1. We will not be able to enter high security locations, which require the changing of a pass for entry. The allocated delivery point for high security locations will be the entry point such as the Guard House.
  1. In the event of wet weather, there will be an estimated delay of 60 mins. The company reserves the right to cancel all delivery orders in the event of severe weather conditions.
  1. Delivery items will be required to be consumed within 60 mins upon delivery. The company reserves the right not to be responsible for the freshness of delivery items, which are, consumed 60 mins after the time of delivery.


Delivery Charges & Minimum Order

The delivery charge is calculated based on the linear distance (not driving distance ) between the outlet which your order was placed from and a reference point that is determined based on the postal code provided.

A breakdown of linear distance, delivery charges and minimum orders are listed below.


Delivery Charge

Minimum Order


Less Than 4.83 km



Zone 1

Less Than 6.44 km



Zone 2

Less Than 8.05 km



Zone 3

Less Than 9.65 km



Zone 4

Less Than 12.87km



Zone 5

More than 12.87km



Zone 6 *

* Please note that Spize@Bedok does not delivery to Zone 6.